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Wiltshire's Police force has been cut by 153 officers under our Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner.

According to a survey by Churchill Insurance, Wiltshire has the worst rate for solving burglaries - so 92 out of every 100 of these reported crimes goes unpunished. Violent crime against women, including rape, has doubled under the same Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner. Meanwhile it is reported that over £1 million has been spent by Wiltshire Police on investigating alleged abuse by a dead, former Prime Minister.

Many current and former Police Officers say morale is low and frustration high. Our Police Officers are dedicated people, prepared to put themselves in harms way to protect the public and keep our homes and communities safe. They deserve a leadership that supports them. Victims of crime, and those trying to report and prevent it deserve to be heard.

The 101 service needs a radical overhaul to ensure that all crime is reported and that Wiltshire receives the right amount of government funding.

Liberal Democrats support "restorative justice". This brings criminals face to face with the people their crimes impact. It is a proven and effective way to prevent re-offending and should be used more in Wiltshire.

Residents need to see more Police Officers out and about on our streets and in our communities.

Liberal Democrats say Wiltshire's Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner has the wrong priorities. Recently he attacked the Lib Dems for exposing these issues claiming some of the figures we were using were wrong. Then he had to admit that the "wrong" figures came from his own Office! Wiltshire residents and Police Officers deserve a leader who is committed to keeping our County safe rather than playing political games.

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