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Public transport in Wiltshire is under threat from the Conservatives at a time when it needs to be built up. 

Poor air quality from traffic pollution is having a major impact on health. The wider environment also suffers from too many cars and heavy lorries on our roads. While encouraging walking and cycling is important, a strong and integrated public transport system in the only way forward.


The Conservatives have totally mismanaged the electrification of the Bristol to Paddington line. 

Wiltshire's Conservative controlled Council failed to consult local residents and businesses on the programme of bridge closures or keep them informed on the progress of the project. After spending millions and causing widespread disruption to businesses and communities, the Conservatives have announced a delay in the electrification programme. This is simply not good enough.

Corsham and Royal Wooton Bassett need new stations built. This would enable commuters to Bath, Bristol, Swindon and Reading to move off the road and onto the railway. These new stations would encourage residents and visitors to explore north Wiltshire and boost the local economy. The electrification of the Salisbury to Waterloo railway line needs to go beyond Newbury.

The Liberal Democrats campaigned successfully for changes at Chippenham station to improve access for disabled people. The Lib Dems won the fight to increase the frequency of trains on the cross Wiltshire train service. This enables faster travel to and from  Westbury-Melksham-Chippenham.


Wiltshire Conservatives have threatened to axe many local bus services - some have already disappeared.

For residents who do not have access to a car or cannot drive, the local bus provides a vital lifeline for people to get to college or work; see their doctor and attend hospital appointments or just visit friends and family. Keeping a vibrant local public transport service in Wiltshire is important to the Liberal Democrats.

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