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Wiltshire is a beautiful county. Keeping it that way is important to all of us. Our countryside and natural ‎environment need to be protected for current and future generations to enjoy.

Protect our Countryside

New housing developments need to be built to the highest environmental standards, encourage walking and cycling, and local employment, shopping and amenities. 

New housing developments should be designed and planned as sustainable, "green"‎, garden villages and towns. They should be built on suitable former Ministry of Defence and other public land with good access to rail lines.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reducing the amount of rubbish being dumped into landfill and vigorously prosecuting fly‎tippers is important.

The Conservatives decision to introduce charges for garden waste collections and reducing the opening hours of our recycling centres does exactly the opposite.

Liberal‎ Democrat Councillors opposed these moves. Recently the Lib Dems put forward a plan to change Wiltshire Council's budgets to reverse the cut back in Recycling Centre hours. Our plan was partially adopted by the Conservatives.

But we need to go further by restoring the full opening hours in all Wiltshire Council Recycling Centres‎.

Restrictions on owners of vans that are their only family vehicle using Recycling Centres need to be ‎lifted.

Flytipping‎ is dangerous, unsightly and illegal. We need to take action to prosecute the flytippers. These prosecutions need to be widely known to deter others.

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