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Meet your Liberal Democrat Candidates

April 16, 2019 8:31 PM

Standing for election to Swindon Borough Council on May 2nd, 2019.

Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor - Wroughton

I am thoroughly excited to get the opportunity to stand for council for our village, my family moving here when I was 5. I was lucky enough to go to Wroughton Infant's, Junior's and Ridgeway Secondary School.

I understand the unique challenges we consistently face with property developers consistently trying to build more houses in our village, which have added impact on traffic and parking, I strongly believe this isn't something we should consistently have to put up with, the Lib Dem party are looking to ensure green belt land to can be declared around the outside of the village in order to ensure no more development. By planting trees and creating areas of great environmental benefit this will put us on course to ensure we stay an amazing village.

Toby Robson

Toby Robson - Eastcott

Vibrant Eastcott, the ward I my partner and 3 children have called home for 20 years. Passionately involved in the Parish council along with fellow councillors Stan and Dawn Pajak, dedicating our time and energy to making Eastcott a friendly, safe and desirable place to live.

Intimately involved in the Eastcott community gives me great insight and understanding of what makes Eastcott a great place to live but also the challenges we face. If issues arise I act quickly and effectively using my extensive experience in local affairs in dealing with the issues.

If elected I will challenge the council, fellow councillors and myself on anything that isn't in Eastcott's or Swindon's interest ensuring accountability for all Swindon tax payers at the same time promoting openness, transparency and honesty.

Krista Salmon

Krista Salmon - Eldene, Liden and Park South

We live in politically uncertain times, our political leaders are floundering, not knowing which path to tread. A time when it can be difficult to know who best to trust, who to rely on to do what WE want done.

Even amidst this uncertainly, there can be a certainty. In my work life I am a staff and field manager which requires planning, certainty, imagination and persuasion in bucket loads. If elected I can bring all these attributes to the role to work for you in the community, so we can work together to create a bright future, with certainty, with imagination, a Swindon to be proud of.

Allow me to work with you and I will not let you down.

Malcolm Salmon

Malcolm Salmon - Blunsdon and Highworth

Blunsdon has been my home on and off for the last 40 years, the changes have been dramatic but essential with housing for the many people moving into the area, it has managed to stay small whilst growing.

Swindon is growing rapidly, sometimes awkwardly, decisions made in cabinet have at times worked, more openness and transparency is required with more open debate in council, a more inclusive method of working where decisions are made in council rather than cabinet, we've seen nationally how government by cabinet has broken down. We must heed those lessons and apply them locally to enable the town and its people to grow together. If elected my aim would be to lessen the polarisation, bring people together, work for each other rather than against each other.

Peter Oliver

Peter Oliver - Old Town

I am standing for election with the aim of achieving three main goals.

I will champion free parking for the first two hours to support local retailers and encourage more people to shop local.

Local taxation has increased by almost 25% in just four years. This can't continue, I will champion embracing to the full shared services with neighbouring authorities. Using monies saved to keep local taxation as low as possible, and maintain key services.

Holding an elected position will enable me to take forward a key goal of establishing a system that informs consumers if the meat they are eating has come from animals that have been pre-stunned before slaughter or not. For Swindon to lead the way in tacking climate change, ensure buildings built today are carbon neutral.

Raymond James

Raymond James - Central

I am a member of the Mechanics Institute Trust and I care about the history and preservation of the local area. I have also been involved with local events in the area, living near the area and having worked in the area, I also understand the issues that affect the area e.g. residents parking and the problems caused by traffic congestion and buses running through Bristol Street. I believe that the Central area can and will achieve its potential and feel that we should not be afraid to look at other similar areas of the UK to see what works and could possibly work for Swindon.

Michelle Horrobin

Michelle Horrobin - Penhill and Upper Stratton

I moved here 28 years ago when my father retired from the British Army and we relocated to Swindon. I left to go to University and again after I married my husband - also in the British Army. We travelled a fair bit but settled back into the Penhill & Stratton area of Swindon 6 years ago. I have two children at school in Swindon and work as a Head of IT, Compliance & Change for a fleet management company.

I have a strong interest in local schooling, road/transport as well bringing communities together. The area I live in has become quite close knit - neighbours helping neighbours to make our little community better. Penhill & Stratton has many such communities and it's positive to see areas where this is working well

Fraser McCormickI'm a self-employed games developer, I moved down to Swindon from Edinburgh in 2010 and live with my wife Zoe and our two children. Education is always at the forefront of issues that I support.

We need to recognise that economic, social and environmental issues cannot be separated from each other and that the future of Swindon lies in attracting and supporting clean, environmentally friendly industries to the area.

To make Swindon a more integrated town, work on cycleways and footpaths needs to continue with a focus of alleviating congestion and parking issues.