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Liberal Democrats in Wiltshire

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UK Automotive hubs miss out again as Tesla cites Brexit uncertainty in decision not to build in UK

November 14, 2019 7:33 AM

The Swindon Liberal Democrats are launching their campaign on Monday to ask voters in both Swindon constituencies to Stop Brexit and end the uncertainty which is stifling our economy and chasing away green jobs and investment.

Speaking at an Automotive event about his decision to locate the continent's first giga factory in Berlin, Germany, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said "Brexit [uncertainty] made it too risky to put a Gigafactory in the UK".

Stan Pajak, Liberal Democrat Candidate for South Swindon said: "its a real kick in the teeth for somewhere like Swindon, proud leaders of the UKs first transport revolution in rail and home to a great deal of automotive expertise. We need to urgently replace the jobs which will be lost when Honda winds down. Until Brexit is stopped, the economy will continue to be paralysed by uncertainty and the effects of cutting ties with our biggest trading partners".

Katie Critchlow, Liberal Democrat Candidate for North Swindon, who has run and advised innovative battery companies with ties to the automotive industry, added: "Companies like Tesla are the future of transport and the economy. My vision for Swindon is to be a home for the manufacture of new green automotive technology. These and other industries can help provide good jobs and tackle some of our biggest challenges such as the climate emergency. News like we heard today from Tesla will continue for years if the chaos of Brexit is allowed to enter its second phase of trade deal negotiations".

The Liberal Democrats are offering people the chance to vote for an end to Brexit on 12th December by voting for Stan Pajak and Katie Critchlow. This week the party released its vision for Britain's Future inside the EU, tackling the real issues which affect people's lives education, the environment, mental health and building a fairer economy.

Under a Liberal Democrat government all cars sold would be electric / zero carbon by 2030, backed up by investments in charging, renewable power and innovation. Part of a wider plan to achieve a net zero carbon UK by 2045 and lead in the fight against climate change.