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Locarno Deal Comes to Nothing

February 3, 2020 3:07 PM

Councillor Stan Pajak standing next to the Locarno buildingThe redevelopment of the Locarno, which was an iconic Swindon building in Old Town, has been dealt a body blow as the Council have pulled support for the redevelopment. The former Corn Exchange, which was originally built in 1852-1854, has laid decaying since 1984 when it was last occupied. In was purchased in 1999 by Gael Mackenzie . After this it suffered two major and damaging fires in 2003 and 2004. Then plans by developer Steve Rosier which utilised the Council's car park to create apartments and restaurants.

These plans, which have been talked about for years, have come to nothing as the developer continuously missed dates set by the Council for the plans to be submitted. The Council has now withdrawn its support and so Gael Mackenzie must now seek both a new partner to develop the building and regain the co-operation of the Council if he wishes to use the neighbouring car park.

In the meantime the building is left derelict and an eyesore for all to see. The building has no roof and there is vegetation growing all throughout the site causing more damage as time passes.

Councillor Stan Pajak who is on the Planning Committee says "Hopes for restoring the historic Corn Exchange building have received a massive blow and whether anything can now be done to save Old Town's most famous and historic buildings are in real doubt. If the developer and Council don't come up with plans soon the building, will be beyond repair."