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The Liberal Democrats are the only viable alternative to the Conservatives in the Chippenham Constituency as well as at County Hall.

Help Helen Belcher and the Liberal Democrats to win in Chippenham


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Unlike the other parties, Liberal Democrats rely on donations from people like you - who want a secure job, who want to see Britain getting the best deal from the EU, internationally and in their local area and who want to live in a safe environment free from crime.

Helen Belcher, our parliamentary candidate for Chippenham, is a nationally recognised campaigner with real-world business experience. She would be exactly the kind of MP that we need - passionate, thoughtful, hard-working. Please donate what you can to get her elected.

Help make this happen – make a donation today.

This is what your cash will buy-

  • £5 can buy 50 window posters.
  • £12 buys an hour of telephone canvassing.
  • £30 will subsidise an A4 Focus leaflet in one of our council wards
  • £50 will upgrade that leaflet to an A3.
  • £100 gives us a colour leaflet to a larger ward.
  • £500 pays for an A4 election address to every household in one constituency
  • £1000 pays for a constituency wide tabloid in one of our key seats in the county.

You can make an immediate payment online or you can make a one-off donation by sending a cheque to:

Chippenham Liberal Democrats, 17 St Mary's Place, Chippenham SN15 1EN

Please make cheques payable to 'Chippenham Liberal Democrats'

Many people, party members and supporters help out by delivering leaflets, canvassing voters, making phone calls. If you can help in this way please let us know here.

If you have any queries, please contact us here

Thank you for your support.

Your Information

The contact information you have provided will not be shared with any organisation or individual outside the Liberal Democrats, other than where the law requires us to do so.

Where the information has been provided, the Party communicates with its members and financial supporters by mail, telephone, email or SMS.

Political Party Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA)

Under the Political Party Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) you must be on the electoral register in the UK excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man in order to make a donation or subscription payment of more than £500.

Please include your contact details. All donations are checked to be compliant with electoral law. Donations of £1,000 or more are made public under Electoral Commission rules.

More can be found about party donation rules on the Electoral Commission website.

Can you help Wiltshire Liberal Democrats to win?

Unlike other Parties who are funded by big business and the unions, the Liberal Democrats rely entirely on volunteers and supporters like you.

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