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The leader of the Liberal Democrats on Wiltshire Council has blasted Conservative councillors for 'simply not understanding, or not caring, about the shocking environmental impact of the proposed Garden Waste Tax'.

The Conservative proposals, which will see Wiltshire households facing steep new £40 bills, have been condemned by the Liberal Democrats who have proposed an alternative plan that would cost £17 less and also protect other much-valued services such as the Wiltshire Hopper and the Wiltshire Music Service.

At a special meeting of the Council last Friday Conservative councillors attacked the attempt by the Lib Dems to stop the imposition of the new Garden Waste Tax claiming that Wiltshire residents could simply 'put the garden waste in their car and drive it to the tip' if they didn't want to pay the new £40 tax.

Cllr Jon Hubbard has reacted angrily to these suggestions saying, 'They just simply don't get it. So we now know that the Conservative plans are for the Garden Waste collection refuse trucks to drive around the roads and streets of Wiltshire, passing by people loading their cars with the waste that they used to collect, simply for those people to then drive to the very tips that the refuse trucks have driven from.

"How many additional pointless and unnecessary car journeys are the Conservative's proposing Wiltshire residents should have to make? What thought has been given to the impact on additional the carbon that will be spat out into the atmosphere as a result of this ill-thought-through unrealistic proposal.

"This is an administration that like to talk green but fails to recognise that creating policies that force more unnecessary car journeys is simply wrong.

"On Tuesday 24th February the Liberal Democrats will be proposing an alternative that would stop this madness and I hope that the Conservatives in County Hall will take the time to stop, think about what they are planning and change their minds."

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