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Liberal Democrat Schools Minister David Laws MP has today announced that schools across Wiltshire will receive a share of a £370m million school buildings fund.

Duncan Hames with local school children

Good school buildings are vital to making sure that more children and young people in Wiltshire receive a first class education. Local schools will receive money from the Condition Improvement Fund to repair roofs improve classrooms and build new facilities.

The announcement follows representations made by Cllr Jon Hubbard and Duncan Hames, who have consistently fought for funding to improve local schools.

The Conservative Party’s plans would mean dramatic cuts to school maintenance and improvement in the future. The Conservatives have set out proposals to divert up to £5 billion from school capital budgets – cuts that would leave many more children across Wiltshire stuck in unsuitable school buildings.

Liberal Democrat Schools Minister David Laws MP said:
“I am delighted to be announcing this funding for Wiltshire’s schools, fought for and delivered by Liberal Democrats in government.

“Duncan Hames has been an outstanding campaigner for Wiltshire’s Schools, making a very clear case as to why these projects should be funded.

“Liberal Democrats want to carry on investing in our school buildings to give every child the best possible start in life.

“Conservative plans would mean huge cuts for schools – ripping apart the coalition’s efforts to improve school buildings and condemning children across Wiltshire to crumbling classrooms and out dated facilities.”

Cllr Jon Hubbard said:
“This money is absolutely fantastic news for children, parents and teachers in Wiltshire, and I am delighted that Liberal Democrat ministers have listened to our case.

“It is much harder for teachers to teach and for children to learn when they are stuck in school buildings that aren’t up to scratch.

“Investing in WIltshire’s schools will give more of our local young people the opportunity to get the first class education they deserve.

“I will fight very hard against unfair Tory plans to starve our local schools of investment in the future.”

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