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Wiltshire residents will be subject to a new Garden Waste tax from April following a decision forced through today by the Conservative run Wiltshire Council.

Liberal Democrat budget proposals that would have seen the abolition of this new tax, along with cancellation of the unpopular planned scrapping of the valued Wiltshire Hopper service, Wiltshire Music Service, concessionary fares and taxi vouchers, and support for museums and the arts were rejected by the ruling Conservative group.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Jon Hubbard, commented "Today we have seen one of the very worst examples of this uncaring Conservative administration. If this budget debate achieved nothing else, then it clearly showed the difference between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats here in Wiltshire.

"Our amendment today was one that wanted to invest in our local communities and add services for Wiltshire residents.

"This was an amendment that wanted to deliver and protect services for all members of our community, particularly the most vulnerable. it was an amendment that wanted to give a real chance for every person in our county to realise their full potential.

"It was an amendment that wanted to deliver a stronger economy, a fairer society and opportunity for all."

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